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Trade them cloaks for swords, fam.

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scripture is gay. bunch of old musty books that hardly fit anyone's ethos unless they want to fucking jam some shit down your throat. It's the most abused text on the planet. Most preachers are shit head control freaks who pray to money. So, fuck that shit.

Oh, and most people in European countries that aren't poorly educated identify as Atheist

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I wond what the original translation is

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this is why we need to look in the vatican secret archive that if you ask the catholics totally means something different than 'secret' it just means 'you cant see it, nothing to see here, its just old letters, move along' - they decided what is in the current versions of our bibles and why its such a mess. every single thing that the catholics have censored banned and burned throughout the last 2000 years they have a copy of i will bet my life savings on that and they will have shit that people dont know about and things that have been stored in other ancient libraries that have been destroyed over the centuries.

them ancient qabbalists, you know, those clowns who spent millenia trying to unlock the secrets of the bible using numbers. they werent entirely wrong, theres stuff there to decode, but its got fuck all to do with some magical sekrit kode that you need to get a decoder wheel from shekel-os from, the key to it is hindsight - it only becomes clear when its supposed to become clear. the important stuff is only still in the bible because it was hidden enough to get past the catholics, and they shoehorned it in and wrote stuff around it to make it look like their creation without understanding it. And for the vast majority of our humanities known history its only priests that have had the ability to read the bible and 'translate for the masses' while fighting tooth and nail to stop common access to either the bibles or education in things like latin (which is fucking difficult even for a modern human) and then didnt want it translated into common languages and to this day most masses are only in latin because they refuse to translate it to those common languages.

Look what rome did to Gallileo for suggesting then showing that the universe doesnt revolve around the earth. He only got back into anyones good graces during his life by backtracking but not decanting and ultimately was not forgiven until the fucking 1990s, 30 years after we had left the planet. Da Vinci we know wrote in all sorts of codes which when followed literally are nonsense, but we know he was brilliant and he had to hide that brilliance lest what happened to Gallileo a hundred years later, happened to him.

Rome is not of god. Neither is the pope. At least not of the same god that the catholic masses think it is of.

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Why do you post things you don't believe? I'm a Christian and I think you're full of shit.

See how easy that was? I posted something I believe.

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That is what all religions were designed to enforce amongst their populaces.

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those are the bits that are catholic propaganda and not the word passed down to us from wherever it came.

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We need government.