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I know it's the bee but I'm going to have to agree(I have been saying this nice rhyming phrase for awhile now, but that's clown world for you). There are 7 billion people on this planet, maybe 50k of their lives actually matter. Definitely not black ones.

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White Lives Matter.

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*some white lives

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@knightwarrior Did you even read the article that you posted?

“Anyone who says Black Lives Matter, or Blue Lives, or whatever lives, has to believe in a higher moral code given by a creator. You can’t say in one breath that lives matter, and in the next breath claim that God is a human invention and all truth is relative.”

They are saying Black lives don't matter more than any other subsequent ingroups lives, not that all human life is meaningless.

“people motivated by the belief that all human lives are equally meaningless.”

"Meaningless" in regards to you get out of life, what you put into it. Protesting that [insert marginalised group] is more important then another group doesn't magically add more meaning to that group.

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Because the ancient Jewish Sky god Yahweh exists then my life is truly meaningful!

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that's actually an accurate description of communists. they are atheists, and the worst violators of human rights. in human history, no one has caused more suffering than communists.

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This guy gets it.

People abuse other people because it is our nature not because of religion. Religion provides an easy justification but equally as good is 'service of the state'.

Also, that's pretty funny, the Bee has been on point.

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pretty much apropos i would say