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The gayest thing about this, is youre asking a question that would require context and effort to answer, but your faggot ass doesnt actually care. So why post? Why ask questions you dont want to actually know the answer to?

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Because there is more than one Alien(s)

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Probably doesn't like that people start eating each other and murdering their babies when they start worshiping other gods.

I used to think the idea was ridiculous, but it keeps happening.

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Hey, I remember middle school too!

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The True Gods are YHVH-Elohim, which is : Adonai YHVH-GOD/the Father... and the Son YHVH saves The Anointed One/Yeshua ha Mashiach/Jesous Christos/Jesus the Christ... and the Holy Breath of YHVH-GOD/Ruach Hakodesh/Holy Ghost. They are the creators of all heavens and the earth and of all visible material and invisible spirit-worlds, unless God reveals them... or allows spirits to visit us or to walk among us.

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Those are the petty, weak gods of the wandering semitic slaves who can't establish a worthy civilization without the aid of white Europeans who are from the alpha seed of gods like Tyr and Odin. The creation of CERN in Switzerland is going to prove that we are actually your true gods... and we call all the shots, we may allow you to believe in your silly superstitions just so we can continue to classify you as inferior betas. Maybe.

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Look at it from his perspective... if you were the petty deity of (lost in the desert) wandering semitic slaves, who looked like no-jawed, upright fluke worms... you'd be jealous of true nordic alphas like Tyr and Odin too.

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He isn't jealous of those who worship other gods. He is a jealous God, and you're talking about a word that means something different than what it originally meant. But like the other guy said you're too much of a smug faggot to even be worth explaining this stuff in detail to so basically all I have to say is go fuck yourself gaytheist.

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Yeah, I had problems with a "god" that did all the things that we were told were sins, and then there was the part where he condemns the vast majority of his creations to eternal damnation.

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Same here.

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