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99% of atheists treat being an atheist fucking exactly like a religion.

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Interesting thought.

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Most "atheists" are not atheist. They are anti-theist deists. They hate god but believe all sorts of imaginary bullshit.

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How can you hate god and not believe in god at the same time? I don't believe in the tooth fairy, but I also don't hate it.

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No true Scotsman, eh?

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Wow. That's really brilliant. Now, explain piltdown man. 45 years of total propaganda bullshit with blatantly obvious forgery, pushed off as "science".

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This also works as science vs. atheism. The most vocal, obstinate, and argumentative people I know are atheists who berate people because they won't accept the articles of faith of atheism.

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Not believing things without proof is rational epistemology, not "faith of atheism".

But sadly the vast majority of atheists just switch to another religion like socialism, environmentalism, feminism, etc...

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The vast majority of atheists in the west also believe those things too. And like atheism, they all require faith.

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[–] libman ago 

So Global Warming is a religion.

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Except for, you know;



(((fellow whites)))



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That is kiked pseudoscience.

I mean REAL science.

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You seem like a decent guy, so while I disagree with you, I'd like to recommend an article that defines the differences between scientistry, scientody, and scientage. They are all aspects of how science is viewed and currently practiced.


I also recommend this on why most "science" published today is nothing of the sort.


Both articles are a bit long, but are well reasoned and expressed. I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts if you read them. Cheers.

[–] anticlutch ago  (edited ago)

Great. You mean. Let me know when you have the power to make these statements matter.

You're a fucking atheist. The most kiked system of "belief" that exists. It's not even close. Kin-type retards have more sense than you.