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Who in the guck wears $3100 sneakers?

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They aren't. They are a couple hundred. Not sure what they mean by "last price" but in fine print above "last price" it gives the actual price...

That being said, Who the guck wears 200 dollar sneakers?

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Exactly. WTF... Even if you're extremely rich... Why?!

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Because niggers I guess.

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At least one of them is wearing a shoe called "Fear of God".

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Aren't they just (((evangelicals)))?

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What's with old people desperately cramming their fat bodies into tight pants and throwing on a pair of $20 sneakers that costed them $5,000, thinking that they are on top of the world and looking good? I would say the person who convinced you to pay $5,000 for shoes that were made in China for $20, made you into a total bitch! Wipe that smile off your face you got ripped off!

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I don't understand what this has to do with Atheism

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Why do that all look like niggers

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There is no God to punish them so it looks like their morals made them rich. What have your ideas done for you except made you bitter and miserable?