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not enough gypsey-jews arrested... round them all ups boys...

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Please stop posting. Go back to reddit. Every post you make is horrible and stupid. I'm fucking tired of you.

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Im assuming this will be on national televisiom tonight as a major breaking story? If 14 white men were in africa running something similar how much news coverage would we be getting? Every channel for fucking weeks.

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It's not something you would expect out of whites, so it's news. Muzzies and jews however...

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i was wondering why this was posted in v/atheism, then i realized it's because jews have been atheists for 2018 years. clever.

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that Catered to Jewish Pedophiles

So... everyone from Israel and Washington rich neighborhoods?

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gypsey-jews... if they aren’t sending in the cannibals in to rape your women, they’ll sneak in to your country and turn your daughters into prostitutes... govern yourselves accordingly...

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Looks ready for a firing squad.

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Good idea !!! (every single one of those kike bastards deserves to be shot dead)

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Trying to get kicked out of another country aye, what are they going to do next.

Those cheeky Jewish pedophiles.

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Rule #9: "Do not harm little children."

When will people learn?

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