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...which then facilitates critical thinking, which then facilitates an understanding of time travel ("Hell" / "Hades" being one such place within time that the greeks knew of), which then facilitates new "what if" questions leading right back to "how do we get out of this more permanently, and back to God, so the suffering actually eventually stops instead of going on forever??"

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When I first ran across "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbell I believed it the way he presented it.

I grew up.

They are all similar not because they are simply re-named in different cultures, but because they are all stories attempting to explain the same physical world... such as winter solstice.

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I began working for the Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store and was pleased to find their used book section gathered all of the world's religions and mythologies onto the same set of shelves. It seemed more honest to me than selecting one or a few over others.

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Read them all and you'll notice they all converge and then you are right back to square one.

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Indeed. Stranger still, each world religion appears to get a piece of the story correct, but other pieces are not correct, and from within each religion one cannot know which is which, because it's not an environment where asking gnostic questions is typically allowed without social consequence. Many are so deeply rooted in denial and it will take multiple lifetimes for each soul to become wise enough to become brave regarding the truth of the situation that befalls us.

I used to be one of the most stoic atheists I'd ever known, but then I bumped into some insane data points that shocked my sense of reality upon enough inquiry...temporal distortion / "time travel" ("John Titor", I recommend reading about it instead of dismissing it entirely and immediately - the man is literally in Hell so give it some respect or you will end up there like I probably did in the life right before this one).