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Voltaire isn't the guy who said that.

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True, it's attributed to a neo-nazi pedophile.

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sauce on the pedophile part?

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So why post that?

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"Your Asperger's is showing." - Voltaire

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Voltaire had become strongly anti-Semitic after some regrettable personal financial transactions and quarrels with Jewish financiers.

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Voltaire's real quotes about Jews are about them being "calculating animals" and "plagiarists in everything." Of course, hardly anyone hears these quotes very often.

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They plagiarized Zoroastrianism + elements of our Pagan culture to create Christianity. Leading to the downfall of Rome and endless protection for the Jews using various Christian leaders. The christian leaders also forbid Christians from money lending with interest but the Jews were exempt from that, this is how they begin to dominate the banking industry.

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We Wuz French Filosofers n Shieeet

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@PuttItOut what a great site you're made

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Yep. Black women infiltrated most low level government jobs

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As Christianity advances, disasters befall the [Roman] empire—arts, science, literature, decay—barbarism and all its revolting concomitants are made to seem the consequences of its decisive triumph—and the unwary reader is conducted, with matchless dexterity, to the desired conclusion—the abominable Manicheism of Candide, and, in fact, of all the productions of Voltaire's historic school—viz., "that instead of being a merciful, ameliorating, and benignant visitation, the religion of Christians would rather seem to be a scourge sent on man by the author of all evil."

~ Dublin review: a quarterly and critical journal. Burns, Oates and Washbourne. 1840. pp. 208

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True quotes from the "Almanac of Presidential Statements" -- circa 1309

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to find out who is retarded.. see who needs a scape goat for their problems.