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Mormonism is a newfag cult, about 170 years old, invented by Joe Smith the polygamist, who claims to have found golden plates and interpreted them by sticking his head into his stovepipe hat. They were supposedly written in "Reformed Egyptian," a language unknown to archaeologists. Coincidentally, a large portion of the translation is word-for-word from the King James Bible, a 17th-century English translation far removed from the mysterious "Reformed Egyptian." His theology is polytheous, as he was polygamous, although the gods in his system were not as young as his child brides. Not sure what kind of apologetics you're after, but that's a little slim.

Orthodox Christianity rests on history - something happened, or it did not. If it did, then we know that the Church as it was founded by Christ and his apostles and continued by their successors remains today, albeit the Roman church broke away some 1100 years ago. One doesn't have to search for a "lost" Christian faith, it's still here. What it does not rest upon is some new interpretation of the Bible, some new Bible altogether, or some famous/infamous preacher who started their own group of followers. The Christian faith is founded on an historic event, not imaginations.

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U make it sound stupid when you word it like that

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The amount of stupid gets worse. I've read the book of Mormon cover to cover and it's painful. A lot of it is straight up plagiarism and what isn't is this weird marriage of styles from Shakespeare and Martin Luther. The main story is about a Noah type figure and family who made their way to north America and birthed the native americans. Thus native americans are one of the 12 tribes of Israel. My favorite part is the origin of race. Apparently every non-white person is dark because they're descendants of Cain, Cain was made a black man as his mark when he was cast out. So white people good, everyone else evil descendants of a murderer.

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I'm sorry. I've never been to one, but their meetings are probably warm and friendly. Their religious beliefs are all I am referring to. That book by Brodie might be worth looking into.

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...this must be the one religion that wasn't made up.

As @hangry pointed out, Joseph Smith made the religion up out of whole cloth, as the saying goes. Moreover, he had a criminal history of running scams on gullible people. Mormonism was his biggest scam.

Check out the Recovery from Mormonism site. It makes for a fun read.

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Recovery from Mormonism

ooh. im pursuing a mormon girl and would kind of like to carefully get her out of that church. this might prove useful.

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Good luck. Seriously. She's been in a cult for however long. It's not easy getting someone to think on their own.

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they have to have good apologetics. their books arent consistent between each other and none of their historical claims can be even remotely backed up, much less proven. someone has to make excuses.

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I'm confused by this post. I keep on looking for a "/s" somewhere but can't find it.

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A good book about Joseph Smith is "No Man Knows My History," by Fawn Brodie. It came out in the 1940's has been reprinted and is probably available for cheap online.