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The Vatican is in need for a major reworking. I wonder if it recovers. A lot of its problems is its theology and although it has been trying to make up in this department, with how it works at its Christology, Mariology, and Ecclesiology. This is a great thing to be exact and the problems in the Catholic Church should not cause such great grief.

The main problem is that it is heading in the direction of Latinizing. I think the strong social conservative element and the secularization it has undergone will create massive issues with it in the long-term and I can see it self-destructing as a result of this.

I feel sorry because the Catholic Church was once a great institution, but it seems to have gone the way of the Dinosaurs when it decided to Protestanize and due to all kinds of sexual degeneracy and money-issues that come with leaning in the direction of Third-Worldism.

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What do you mean by "Latinizing" ?

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The Catholic Church has been progressively Latinizing, since the 60s, with the rise of Liberation Theology. Look at how many Latins make up the Catholic Church? It was not initially the intention of the Vatican to do this, but it became so, so its a separate issue, but it testifies to how bad things have become in some form or another.

The places with the strongest influences are in Central America/Northern part of South America and not the better and more European parts of South America. This will influence a lot of things about the Catholic Church, especially its recent secularization, its Mariology(which you see with the cult of La Muerte), its Christology(Jesus as savior for the Third World and not the civilized Gentiles, although I think Christianity always had a Third-World component to it, if we trace it back to even the Apostles and people like Paul), and its ecclesiology(emphasis being less on canonical law, because they are admitting its been corrupted in the past and is not reliable, and more on the social Gospel and more on the laities role in the Catholic Church, with an emphasis on a more decentralized Church hierarchy or at least empowering certain parts of the Church hierarchy significantly).

I don't know if one can call this necessarily bad, but the embracing of a kind of anthropomorphic hardcore social conservatism and Christ is in the least of his people kind of message, along with a kind of return to a kind of deeply spiritual "humanism," which explains the Catholic Church's turn to Africa, where they will have little success.