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their last president was sacked because his political opponents got him jailed for blasphemy

No president was sacked. The one who was jailed was the incumbent governor of Jakarta.

Indonesia was one of the few nations where this entire "tolerance" thing between Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists actually worked fairly well.

Not as well as Malaysia and Singapore, or even Thailand. That said, Indonesia is very big and the tolerance level really depends on the area. For example, Bali island, Indonesia's most famous tourist destination is very tolerant compared to other places. The island next to it, West Nusa Tenggara province which was hit by earthquake recently is known to be intolerant and home to radical islamists. Generally, the Borneo island is pretty tolerant while the Sumatra island is not, Java island is quite divided, the central and east Java is much more tolerant than west Java and the areas near the capital, the jailed governor was only fucked because the capital, is unfortunately near the bases of the radical islamist groups.

An interesting thing is how the "blasphemous" christian governor actually has the majority vote among the javanese ethnic group votes (the most influential ethnic group, almost all of them are muslims). He lost badly in the betawi, sunda, minang, and other predominantly muslim indigenous native (pribumi) demographics though, due to religion issue.

Anyway in general south east asian muslims should not really be compared with the rapefugees plaguing europe, because to be fair, they are far more civil and less barbaric/savage than those thirdworld arabs/africans. It's actually much harder to find burqa-clad women in most area of Indonesia than France.