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Indonesia is considered a new industrialized society. Its considered a secularized Islamic country. In fact, Indonesia is sort of like the anti-progressive version of Malaysia. They are the Turks of Southeast Asia.

They have worse human rights considerations probably in some ways too. Now, people tend to forget the Buddhists and Muslims don't quite get along in that part of the world. I guess Islam is considered such a great threat that Buddhists will get violent and attack Muslims. I don't know the circumstances and think it is non-sequitur from this situation, but certainly as we saw with the Taliban the aggressor in some of these cases tends to be Muslim against Buddhist. Islam is not tolerant of any religion.

The scary thing is it constitutes the core of the Abrahamic religion, which is made up of Judaism and Christianity. The fact that we are connected to such a gutter religion that has horrible human rights record, is irrational, is anti-progressive, believes in a God of wrath, and is all but Lebensraum and considering its enemies as pigs and monkeys testifies that we in the West are in major trouble. The only positive elements in Islam are mostly from Christian and Buddhist influences on it, which are basically non-existent.

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Lebensraum: Territory necessary for the growth of a nation