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Indonesia’s constitution guarantees freedom of speech and religion**

Hey, like ours does.....

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Yeah but Indonesia is a shithole

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Just because I can shit in the middle of the street.... Never mind.

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To play the devil's advocate, the country's largest Muslim organization has recently published an open letter in which they argue that complaining about the noise levels of a mosque's loud speakers should NOT, in fact, be seen as blasphemy against Islam itself.

Still, it is rather telling that such blasphemy laws exist in the first place. And they find more and more frequent use (for reference, their last president was sacked because his political opponents got him jailed for blasphemy - when he argued that they abused the Quran for political purposes).

It's rather sad, really. Indonesia was one of the few nations where this entire "tolerance" thing between Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists actually worked fairly well. It was something they prided themselves over, in fact. That the Muslim majority insists on increasingly radical interpretations and applications of their religion is a fairly recent and very unfortunate trend.

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It's easy to play magnanimous when you've already won.

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muslims do nothing but try to conquer and destroy. there is no such thing as moderate.

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their last president was sacked because his political opponents got him jailed for blasphemy

No president was sacked. The one who was jailed was the incumbent governor of Jakarta.

Indonesia was one of the few nations where this entire "tolerance" thing between Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists actually worked fairly well.

Not as well as Malaysia and Singapore, or even Thailand. That said, Indonesia is very big and the tolerance level really depends on the area. For example, Bali island, Indonesia's most famous tourist destination is very tolerant compared to other places. The island next to it, West Nusa Tenggara province which was hit by earthquake recently is known to be intolerant and home to radical islamists. Generally, the Borneo island is pretty tolerant while the Sumatra island is not, Java island is quite divided, the central and east Java is much more tolerant than west Java and the areas near the capital, the jailed governor was only fucked because the capital, is unfortunately near the bases of the radical islamist groups.

An interesting thing is how the "blasphemous" christian governor actually has the majority vote among the javanese ethnic group votes (the most influential ethnic group, almost all of them are muslims). He lost badly in the betawi, sunda, minang, and other predominantly muslim indigenous native (pribumi) demographics though, due to religion issue.

Anyway in general south east asian muslims should not really be compared with the rapefugees plaguing europe, because to be fair, they are far more civil and less barbaric/savage than those thirdworld arabs/africans. It's actually much harder to find burqa-clad women in most area of Indonesia than France.

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Saudi money tends to have that effect. Unironically I tend to like the shias more.

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Indonesia is a shithole but Sumatra is especially 10x more shithole than the rest. Been there on a work trip before, not coming back again.

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Story time!

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... its a muslim nation.

they also execute people smuggling drugs in from australia.

i dont support indonesia but i support indonesia upholding its own laws.

they arent fucking invading other nations and enforcing their brand of anything on anyone.

by the way, we have been at war with them, and they have repeatedly threatened us with invasions when they get punchy. but ultimately those fuckers actually do more for us than the united states do these days. at the very least theyre a buffer to china.

you cunts cant even sell us planes that fly.

EDIT - I should really put a disclaimer in there about the whole 'not invading anyone' - they are particularly bad with natives and they do have a hardon for both east timor and papua new guinea (oil rights, apparently our government reserves the rights to fuck with the sovereignty of the relevant rights and therefore wants 'freedom' for timor - see 'Nauru' for a similar arrangement), although thats a trick they learned from the chinese in mongolia tibet etc...

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She will be executed too, being locked up with muslims she's on borrowed time right now.

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id say youre probably right but in this case its not really legally different (morally, yeah different debate) to if you murdered someone in the us as opposed to accidentally killing them, one gets you death, the other gets you life in jail. over there whining about the local religion gets you death. something which we might not like in the west but sure as shit keeps the locals happy.

Bali 9 go and try smuggling drugs across the border what... one year after a genuine debateable but probably guilty Schapelle Corby gets sentenced to death, and it is every. fucking. where. in the media about death for smugglers in indonesia. A) you already know smuggling is bad, period B) you know they execute for it C) you do it anyway = Go fucking ride the lighting you dumb mother fucker. - I mean you get one genius *Renee Lawrence) who anyone with a brain can figure out whats going on, uses, this in front of media, and i quote "I didnt know it was there and even if i did i didnt know what it was" - her lawyer would have instantly shit his pants and be making sure he was on the next flight out of djakarta, cos she raped herself right there. - Indonesia had the right to do whatever the fuck they like with them according to their law and no cunt in Australia has any right to say otherwise, especially when not one motherfucker will say a word in support of a completely innocent Julian Assange.

Muslim or not its their country and their rules. It just so happens that after plenty of saber rattling and mouthing off over the last few decades that Muslim country actually works with us to a pretty decent extent. They decide to send their military down on us, decidedly un muslim China fucks them... and depending on whos signing the cheques in Australia, China does like being cozy with us. Seriously, we might not be chinky, but we are starting to turn pretty fuckin asian down here.

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they also execute people smuggling drugs in

Which is fucking amazing. Drug smugglers should be executed. Philippines and Singapore executes them too, feelsgoodman.

When you see drug smugglers getting executed you know that country has parts of the law that actually upheld justice. When you see countries without death penalty, you know it is an upcoming shithole that will be taken over by mujahideens because naive virtue signaling cowardly soyboys aren't gonna be able to hold the country.

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Indonesia is considered a new industrialized society. Its considered a secularized Islamic country. In fact, Indonesia is sort of like the anti-progressive version of Malaysia. They are the Turks of Southeast Asia.

They have worse human rights considerations probably in some ways too. Now, people tend to forget the Buddhists and Muslims don't quite get along in that part of the world. I guess Islam is considered such a great threat that Buddhists will get violent and attack Muslims. I don't know the circumstances and think it is non-sequitur from this situation, but certainly as we saw with the Taliban the aggressor in some of these cases tends to be Muslim against Buddhist. Islam is not tolerant of any religion.

The scary thing is it constitutes the core of the Abrahamic religion, which is made up of Judaism and Christianity. The fact that we are connected to such a gutter religion that has horrible human rights record, is irrational, is anti-progressive, believes in a God of wrath, and is all but Lebensraum and considering its enemies as pigs and monkeys testifies that we in the West are in major trouble. The only positive elements in Islam are mostly from Christian and Buddhist influences on it, which are basically non-existent.

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Lebensraum: Territory necessary for the growth of a nation

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Java niggers about to get roasted by the volcano god.

Lots of volcanos in the area going off including Krakatoa.

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Damn, racist as fuck

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