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I guess I didn't get the memo. I'm a hard right atheist. You may be right though, I think a lot of atheists lean to the left.

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There is a strong link between being on reddit and being a liberal, doesn't matter what sub you are in.

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I've noticed that most atheists online or in person are liberal and a strong link between being conservative and christian.

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Maybe, most of my friends are atheists and we're pretty right wing, must be the sites you visit.

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There are two types of atheists. One type has never been exposed to religion and are typically liberals. The others grew up with religion and at some point used their critical thinking skills to free their selves from the imaginary shackles. These tend to be conservatives. They also tend to be less "everyone needs to be like me" and less vocal.

As usual, the liberal ones have no idea why they think the way they do but only know that everyone who isn't like them is wrong. That's why they are the ones you typically hear from.

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Why is it mandatory for a republican to believe in god?

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I can't figure that one out. How did the sensible political position become associated with the least sensible religious position?

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I think the correlation is education. A modicum of personal curiosity and research lead one towards both atheism and individual autonomy.

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Probably some interaction of intelligence and empathy. I would speculate that as iq goes up so does empathy but also with an increased chance of no empathy at all.

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I don't think that there is.

And an atheist usually has morals where a liberal does not.