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Because religious people don't meddle in politics... The pope is so absorbed with god, he doesn't tell presidents what they should do and when? And politicians don't pander to religious people because these people don't do politics, aka. they don't even vote? Or is voting not part of "doing politics"? Or is knowing what you vote for not needed, because doing politics is bad, aka. let the rabbi decide for you? But then, why is the rabbi doing politics? Doesn't god fill his void enough so he doesn't meddle?

You know what? You're religious, go live in a cave. God will provide for you, he says so in his holy book. You believe it, don't you? Go then. Don't fret. He will be waiting for you at the gates of heaven. And some dog will feed on your carcass. It is written. God is holy.


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Oh look, a liberal who thinks they know me from a dozen words written prior. How quaint.

I don't follow religion. I'm at the center. (They used to call them Democrats in the 80s before all this kumbaya shit diversity fallacy took hold.)

Again, tell me how politics is any different for some people?

Point is, if there is no religion these people, they grasp onto other things such as their career or politics.

Deranged is deranged no matter what ideology you follow whether right or left.

Edit: To further add, extreme right have their religious zealots just as the extreme left have their political zealots

For the extreme left, politics is the religion whether they choose to acknowledge it or not