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One world ideologies are pushing dissent and war. And what easier way to make war is there than insulting an imaginary god? An atheist and even a politheist don't care what god/s others believe in. They are not going to put their own life in danger for what they believe is the others being stupid, just for them being stupid. You'd need to attack them directly, or find other, more dangerous and expensive ways to get the neighbors to do your dirty work. Nationalism is the other way, but that's a double edged sword for them.

Stop back rationalizing your religion. I'ts a tool used against the populace. You've been duped since childhood, and now you find it hard to let go. With religion you are allowing them into your head.


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Not likely I used to think just like that. Atheism is just another tool to dupe people as well its more divisive to a society then having a national religion. I don't fall the atheism card anymore its got a self righteous belittlement of others. Could care less.


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You were never a real atheist. It's not a religion. It's the absence of religion. If you think it's a religion, you're not getting it.

Edit: Belittling? There is no such thing in atheism.

There is no holy book of atheism that tells you that you're god's sheep and you have to fear god. There is no holy book at all to tell you what to do. You have to figure it out yourself. You have to be as big or as little as you can manage, it's on you.

There are no holy priests of atheism to tell you to do anything to others. All an atheist does it's on him - his personal beliefs. Some are cunts, some are nice, some are pervs, some are geniuses.

What you get, is one person. You can make him your friend, or ignore him. In any case, you don't have to meet him every week in church just because some stupid religion tells you to.