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Their key of success is because they are tribal and nationalistic.

The decline of western civilization is caused by lack of the tribalism and nationalism. Not necessarily race, but rather the lack of contempt towards savage uncivilized third worlders. It's simple, keep the third worlders away from your borders and you're golden.

Another factor is niggers. Niggers is always a problem in every country, assimilating them is impossible. They are prone to crime and violence and are unproductive in general. South east asia could improve their situation despite of multiculturalism, but that's only possible because they don't have nigger problems. Even the few niggers there are always problematic.

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Their key of success is because they are tribal and nationalistic.

I partially agree with you. That is one factor for their success, but it certainly is not the only one. There are many, many black tribes in Africa who are tribal (obviously) and "nationalistic" (nation = people). Tribalism and nationalism help bond the community together and assist in fending off outside or foreign threats; those things alone are not enough to birth success. In fact, EVERY single group of humans on the planet only exists because their ancestors were tribal and xenophobic. If they weren't they'd have been destroyed or slowly eroded away, since that would be their identity.

Japanese succeed because they are tribal and nationalistic, but also because they are intelligent and have a good moral system that works for them. They have a high level of social trust, and a high enough intelligence to put that trust to good use. Everything you said is still true, I just thought I'd round out the edges of the painting there. Actually, as far as that last part, yes niggers are a problem, but multiculturalism doesn't work in general. Even if we replaced all the niggers in the USA with Japanese, eventually there would be a massive divide that would come to a head, no matter how civilized each group might be. Well, either that or one side loses out to the other culturally and genetically, but that's the exception to the rule.

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Yeah, but subsaharans are less evolved than us.

They are successful in their own rights, like building mud huts and shit. There's different expectation of success for different species. A bird is successful if they can fly high, a human can't, and it is unfair to expect a human to fly using his hands. Expecting niggers to behave like more evolved species is unfair.

Actually, as far as that last part, yes niggers are a problem, but multiculturalism doesn't work in general.

It's not perfect, but multiculturalism with other race works better than multiculturalism with niggers. I mean even Israelis knew this, that's why they wanna eject somalians first, instead of the arabs, the armenians, the slavs, the asians, the kurds, or whatever other goyim race in Israel. There is no group of immigrant more dangerous than somalians... like prison statistics and shit, we all know that certain species are harder to integrate/assimilate.

Even if you look at Japan, there are non-Japanese foreigners. You go to Tokyo and you can find different races/nationalities, and yet the nigerians and other subsaharans are always the ones that creates the most social problems. Nigger problem is real. There's multicultural/diversity issue, and then there's nigger problem, which is omnipresent and is a bigger problem and strain for any society.