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Religos believe their god exists.

Therefore religion is the belief in the imaginary.

Therefore religion is a double positive.

Therefore religion is self confuting.

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Rational mind likes to fall in love with its own creations

Which potentially puts atheists on par with religious fanatics when it comes to lunacies

Soviets aren't the last instance of atheistic fanaticism


Atheists are far from being immune from the good guys syndrome; Because they think they evidently are the team good guys, they skip the moral self criticism part, because believing the other will always be worse than you no matter what renders that exercise unnecessary

This is how the left has fallen so low, btw

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I would think that is fairly obvious. An atheist has no fantasy motivating their every action, no imaginary fury awaiting their tiniest mis-step. I think it is actually a lot harder for an atheist to act morally, knowing the only reason to do so is it slightly avoids being judged as an asshole by your peers.

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athefags gone mad

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It took me so long to realise 'athefags' was your attempt at an insult by creating an amalgamation of 'atheist' and 'fags'. It is probably the dumbest insult I have ever read. Like, I don't hate it, it's actually kind of a masterpiece of retarded autistic rage.