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It all comes from the same rotten jewish root.

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the users of voat claim to be woke yet still believe in their kike-derived religion like the good little goyim that they are. The values that make up a great society don't come from Christianity, that's why shitholes in Africa and South America exist. They're high IQ values.

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Completely forgotten that Christianity is the beginning of what makes white genocide possible. It was created by jews to pacify whiteys.

White genocide is a punishment for europeans for forsaking their local Gods like Odin and co. Like why the fuck are they worshipping middle eastern God who's telling them that Israelis are his chosen people?

If europeans were still pagans there would never be any rapefugee problems. Because the "love thy neighbors" is bullshit when the neighbors treat you as kafeer and wanna behead ya. Tribalism is superior in every way.

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Religion is more than just the bible. You don't have to literally believe every word of the text to be religious. Consider instead the characters as archetypes to strive towards. I do, and that is why I believe in the old heathen traditions.

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At that point though, are you really believing in "religion" as it's currently understood? it sounds more to me like you've found a heroic archetype you wish to exemplify. To me, that has slightly different connotations to it than blind religious faith. To my mind, religion is an immutable truth: the belief that the universe functions in a very specific way, and any deviation from that truth is heresy. Your interpretation suggests that you've found merit in certain ideas presented by the religious narrative, but you've come to these conclusions through your own interpretation of the information presented. I'm probably not explaining myself very well, but the way I see it, you can find value in something without buying into it wholesale. Hitchens might have been against the idea of gods entirely, but the way I see it, there's a lot of merit in religion on a moral level. While Hitchens wanted to do away with Religion entirely, I mostly just want to see people be a little more flexible in their interpretation of it. Allah says kill all the heathens, God says don't eat Shellfish, Jesus says turn the other cheek. I say you can't kill people just because you disagree with them, crawdads are fucking delicious, and you've only got two cheeks: at some point you gotta say enough is enough and kick a motherfucker's ass.

While I'm sure Hitchens would disagree, from my point of view the problem is not religion itself, but the blind adherence to codes of behavior that no longer work in our modern society, or never worked to begin with.

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hitchins' nihilism was no less absurd or destructive.

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“A life that partakes even a little of friendship, love, irony, humor, parenthood, literature, and music, and the chance to take part in battles for the liberation of others cannot be called ‘meaningless’ except if the person living it is also an existentialist and elects to call it so.” -C. Hitchens

Hitchens was not a nihilist, although he did enjoy making fun of people who asked him what the Meaning of Life was if there was no God.

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he also enjoyed drinking himself to death.

also if "the chance to take part in battles for the liberation of others" is an integral part of your life's purpose, it seems to necessitate there always being an ever-refracting "oppression" to liberate others from. Christopher Hitchens, the proto-SJW.

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What is the relevance of outcome to fact? If there is no loving god, (and there isn't), and that fact destroys us, we weren't worthy of survival.

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This is idiotic... Survival is the only worthy thing. All else comes after.

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denying falsehoods never leads a people to destruction, only denying reality.

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Not being religious doesn't make one a nihilist, so stupid comment.

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that's exactly what it does, by definition.

atheist, nihilist, solipsist. different names for the same disease.

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This is ridiculous

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Feminism is a religion.

Communism is a religion.

Niggerism is a religion.

Apple Computers are a religion.

Pop music is a religion.

TV is a religion.

Everything is a religion because religion is an outdated term. It's Faith+Dogma+Ritual, or Culture, a catch all for "way of life".

There are the passive observants and there are the True Believers, but none of them question the faith out of fear of ex communication. We live in a world of secular moral outrage as pernicious as any witch hunt.

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So you're saying religion is just a synonym for culture? I mean, if we go with that, then sure, you're right. But that's not really how people use it. Japan is very culturally strong, but has probably the least amount of religious adherence in the world of any country. The vast majority of its population are secular, and they have very low levels of crime. I wouldn't want to equate the concept of religion with that of culture, because the way we use those words, one is a subset of the other.

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Their key of success is because they are tribal and nationalistic.

The decline of western civilization is caused by lack of the tribalism and nationalism. Not necessarily race, but rather the lack of contempt towards savage uncivilized third worlders. It's simple, keep the third worlders away from your borders and you're golden.

Another factor is niggers. Niggers is always a problem in every country, assimilating them is impossible. They are prone to crime and violence and are unproductive in general. South east asia could improve their situation despite of multiculturalism, but that's only possible because they don't have nigger problems. Even the few niggers there are always problematic.

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Even science is treated as a religion nowadays. When "scientists have found" some stupid shit that defies reason, you're downvoted automatically, because "scientists" are unfallible wizards in the temple of science.

That's not how science works, people.

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That's an interesting take on it. I think it would be more accurate to say they are all dogmatic ideologies though, rather than trying to redfine the term religion.

Functionally, the behavior is mostly the same, but in all of the examples you listed, they lack the element of spirituality that basically defines religion.

Maybe a bit pedantic, but there isn't any need for redefining terms when we can already clearly explain something.

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Have you ever considered the etymology of religion, or how religion is essentially the Social Contract. It is the collection of obligations people hold in common.

That people hold supernatural, superstitious, and specious beliefs is an inevitable part of human neurology. We're not evolved to find truth, we're evolved to survive and reproduce.

People accept the ideology, dogma, or religion that shares their desires, offers incentives, and confirms fears.

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The monolithic and ruthless conspiracy is one we perpetrate upon ourselves.


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Go fuck yourself with a firehose.

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In some ways atheism is worse. People have no God to believe in so instead politics fills in the void...

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Because religious people don't meddle in politics... The pope is so absorbed with god, he doesn't tell presidents what they should do and when? And politicians don't pander to religious people because these people don't do politics, aka. they don't even vote? Or is voting not part of "doing politics"? Or is knowing what you vote for not needed, because doing politics is bad, aka. let the rabbi decide for you? But then, why is the rabbi doing politics? Doesn't god fill his void enough so he doesn't meddle?

You know what? You're religious, go live in a cave. God will provide for you, he says so in his holy book. You believe it, don't you? Go then. Don't fret. He will be waiting for you at the gates of heaven. And some dog will feed on your carcass. It is written. God is holy.

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Oh look, a liberal who thinks they know me from a dozen words written prior. How quaint.

I don't follow religion. I'm at the center. (They used to call them Democrats in the 80s before all this kumbaya shit diversity fallacy took hold.)

Again, tell me how politics is any different for some people?

Point is, if there is no religion these people, they grasp onto other things such as their career or politics.

Deranged is deranged no matter what ideology you follow whether right or left.

Edit: To further add, extreme right have their religious zealots just as the extreme left have their political zealots

For the extreme left, politics is the religion whether they choose to acknowledge it or not

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