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How we really think is really our religion. He said our religion composes what we believe and that's backwards. What we hold as true makes up our true religion

Everything else is a sharade, like this quote. The guy probably is called an 'atheist' which case him facing his certain death would then consider what? My guess absolute horror. I have a point and it is this: discussing the finer cosmological points, where the information is derived such and such is fine,, good even.

The Buddha said he taught the identification of dukkha(an unsatisfactory nature even more fundamental than stress: an unsatisfactory nature then) and cessation of it. In doing so other understandsings, values, observances come to be.


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The highest ideal a person holds, consciously or unconsciously, that's their god

And the rational mind likes to fall in love with its own creations


Peterson said that, but it's not from him it originally comes from Jung for the first line, and christian religion/catholic church for the second

Of course it's always debatable but something rings true here, to me