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Kind of a weak argument, Schopenhauer. Humans are the most trainable animal on Earth. Ever seen synchronized swimming? Dolphins come close, but not quite.

Doctors, scientists, soldiers, engineers... et cetera.

A dumb animal cannot be trained. A dumb human cannot be trained. This is why we have prisons and zoos and leave the wild in the wild. Training is hard, not easy.

And frankly, Religion doesn't really train people to perfection the way that other trainers do. And if the training is supposed to be purely psychological indoctrination, then governments the world over have done a more effective job and even Religion needs Government support to approach that level of homogeneity.

Government, through pain and song, through execution and parade, through guilt and pride, is the best trainer of the masses. Where a religion utilizes these tools, it will enhance its ability to train its people.

So, either on the refinement of specific behaviors (think surgeon or Cirque du Soleil) or on the "market share" of reverence (cult of personality or aversion to criticize) government beats religion every time. And some could argue that corporations beat religion most of the time, too (see Saturn car company).


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So your argument is that its not training because it doesn't produce the results that other types of training on small groups of people produces?