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Well I stopped being agnostic beause of the observer effect, i think that if the act of a person observing a subatomic interaction alters the outcome of that interaction, then either we're in the matrix and the programming of on observed interaction is different to the programming of an unobserved interaction or humans do have a soul or a life force or some shit and by focusing attention onto an interaction alters probabillity and the outcome in some way. That and the current theory of how the first cell formed is retarded, where a hydrothermal vent randomly made RNA repleate with the genes nesiairy to to relicate itself, repair itself, create all the protins, lipids and enzymes needed to function and all the shit that got proved nesesairy for celllar function in ideal conditions by that guy who deleted genes till the cell stopped functioning, its like 500 genes i think. The vent also had to create the enzymes nesisairy for reading and replicating RNA because on its own its just an amino acid string, the phospho lipid cell wall to protect the cell, the cytoplasmic fluid, all the enzymes needed to move stuff in and out of the cell, all the metabolic enzymes to create the ATP for energy to do the cellular processes, ect . Too complex to spontaneously generate imho, seems slightly less ridiulous if you dont exclude the possibility of a god or some such, so i went from probs no god to probs god or some such. I still think im kind of credible at least, each step seems logical to me anyway.