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Careful there. Don't let this become Atheism+, Part II: Evangelical Boogaloo.

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What is New Atheism? I assumed it was the Atheism+ bullshit. Am I wrong?

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The article seems to say that it is about using the 'net to keep in touch with other atheists, and to explain why there is no god to the believers

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My BIL doesn't see how atheism is almost a religion to him. He actual told my wife that he sees it as his duty to save people from believing in God and religion and can't just let them live a lie. He literally said he feels he has to save them in those words yet doesn't see how that is pretty much exactly like the people he complains about. And when I told him he was at least as Evangelical as them he got pissed and started yelling about how he doesn't have any ceremony or book he has to believe in so he is bettter than any religious person. Until him I had never met someone like that and thought it was a caricature that religious folks used as a straw man,

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Sounds like he was raised in a church and hasn't changed his speech pattern from evangelism to more casual and effective dialogue.

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Atheism replaces god with the state.

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