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The one thing I disagree with the article is the idea that morality is not innate. I think morality has two sources, one is empathy which is an evolutionary instinct developed by species that need to cooperate, have you ever flinched at a sight of someone being hurt? Its a physical, biological response.

The second is social, this component comprises the rules that emerge in collaborating groups of humans, these can vary somewhat between cultures, but share a great deal of commonalities.

These two, combined produce the morality all humans adhere to.


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This is something I've been thinking a lot about lately. I sort of disagree with you because its starting to look to me like morality is something objective. The reason for this is because even though there are infinite possible interpretations of reality, there are only a limited number that provide value.

And because this, that means when considering morality, not only are certain options impossible, but certain options are better. I'll give you an example. I used to play with Pokémon cards with my cousins as a kid. Sometimes my cousin would have a card that I wanted, and I'd have one he'd want, so we trade, and both walk away satisfied. Not only did this get me the card I wanted, but it taught me important lessons about trade and bargaining that are useful as an adult. Now let's say I could have simply beaten the shit out of him for whatever cards I wanted with no consequence? Is that a more moral option? Of course not, but if morality is subjective how can you say that, after all I paid no price.


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I see morality as a continuum. In one extreme are things every normally functioning human would consider immoral (murder, theft, rape) and in the other things all agree are moral (following the rules, cooperating). If you pick things at the extremes, it may seem that morality is objective.

But in between its all grey, contextual and culturally dependent. Its easy to create moral conundrums that have no answer.