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Ohh yeah, it is.

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1) The science comment at the end of that short piece is only relevant to a very very small minority of Christians. They kind of make the rest of em look bad.

2). I think the whole calling atheism is its own religion thing arose because attempting to prove that God does not exist is just as difficult as trying to prove that God does exist. How can you be certain that God does not exist? The logic used for that argument is very similar to the logic used to prove the existence of God. Now the agnostics, they’ve got it easy, they’re not trying to prove anything. That is a much more tenable stance then atheism.

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Logic dictates that an individual doesn't have to prove another's assertion. That individual who posits the assertion must prove it. The notion that atheism is a religion is one born from poor logic and poor understanding of logic.

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So can an atheist prove with logic that God does not exist, or is this belief faith based?

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utter nonsense. You need to be severely deluded to think this.

True atheism is having the opinion that all the religions are bogus. My "god" does not exist because there's no such thing as a god, same as the tooth fairy or the boogieman.

Your issue is that you have been brainwashed so hard into believing in a fictional character that you can't imagine how anyone can get through life without that belief. You're broken.

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