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Hey, I can't help it that God put the magical healing in my cock instead of my hands!


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Just because this guy did crazy stuff in the name of God, doesn't mean that God doesn't exist or that this guy had any knowledge of Him. How is this related to atheism?


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https://archive.fo/XXd6M :

'Spiritual healer’ charged with sexual abuse slams accusers - NY Daily News

'Robles, 32, was charged with eight crimes, ranging from sexual abuse to illegal fortune telling, linked to his twisted medical practice. '

'A self-proclaimed spiritual healer jailed on charges of sexually abusing five patients insists God still has his back. '

'I am with God in principle.”He’s also with the rest of the Vernon C. Bain Center inmates after a Bronx judge jailed Robles on $200,000 bond at his Thursday arraignment. '

'A prosecutor suggested in court that additional charges involving more victims were possible. '

'Robles, citing advice from his attorney, declined to answer questions about the pending prosecution. '

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