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Atheism at its core is non-political in as much as religion is separated from politics. Atheism is still what it always was. It's the lunacy of the left that's made it so that individual atheists have more in common with alt-right. Disregarding the splinter movement of atheism++ of course. That's sort of where the lines were drawn in the sand between fashionable atheists and rational atheists.

As an atheist, Christianity is still retarded to me, and it sucks to see secularism losing the culture war due to the incompetence of the left.

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What you call atheism ++ is Marxist-Leninist atheism

Lenin considered that religion in Russia was the chief ideological tool of the ruling classes to exploit the masses in that it taught subjects to be submissive to their exploiters and it assisted the conscience of the exploiters to believe that acts of charity would merit eternal life:


Since religion was the ideological tool that kept the system in place, Lenin believed atheistic propaganda to be of critical necessity. To this effect, before the revolution Lenin’s faction devoted a significant portion of their meagre resources to antireligious propaganda and even during the Civil War he devoted much of his personal energy towards the anti-religious campaign. The influence of the Orthodox Church especially needed to be weakened in order to undermine the Tsarist régime. The populace also needed to be prepared in order to make a transition from religious beliefs to atheism as communism would require of them.

Marxism-Leninism would not have worked without the foundations of Christianity in place.

Christianity is a sect of Judaism, created by the Jews who originally believed in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

"Some call it Judaism, I call it communism"

It's all one big fucking circle.

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"Christianity is a sect of Judaism, created by the Jews who originally believed in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah."

No, it is not.

Judaism was not used as a term until at least the 16th century.

They both stem from the texts of the old Hebrew religion, sure. But there was a division between those who believed that God was Holy, and those who believed the Luciferian doctrine of the ancient mystery religion. The latter perverted the scriptures to fit their description of "G-d", created an oral tradition "Talmud" and esoteric teachings such as Kabbalah and Zohar and of course did not recognize the Son of God because He was not the son of their "G-d". This is what is known as "Judaism". They are still waiting for their "Messiah", who will be the anti-Christ. When their temple is built (which is coming soon) the stage will be set. Some Christians are tricked into supporting the Jews in this because they believe that these Jews are somehow 'God's chosen", but in truth the basic tenets of the religions of Judaism and Christianity could not be further apart.

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Old atheists are still boomer leftists. Young atheists are basically Nazis.

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No, in other news 'When Ragheads Attack'

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Blame it on the attempted take over of Atheism by radical feminism

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I embrace a diversity of opinions, and shy away from cult like mentality. Unfortunately, that is mostly what I see.