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Good writeup. And he didn't use spellcheck, just like God intended :).

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Honestly people don't realize how difficult being an atheist can be sometimes as well. You can't just go "welp...god works in mysterious ways!" and poof, everything will be alright. You realize that the only change you can make is yourself, you realize that the only way things get better is if you make them better.

"God", in a way is socialism. Heaven is for everyone so long as you accept someone as your supreme master. You can be the shittiest human being just so long as you repent and pray, afterwards everything will be given to you for free!

"Atheism" like capitalism. You have to pull up those boot straps, and get to work, and realize that the only reason you have what you have is because you work hard for it. You're good because you choose to be, because it results in good outcomes for yourself, etc.

I envy those who do believe in god. I've raised my daughters to believe in god. It's much easier on your life, and life is much easier to get through thinking that someone else is in control of it. Unfortunately, I cannot simply make-believe some conclusion to the world that I cannot witness or test. God is a conclusion too, but requires you to believe in a fantasy that is not testable instead of just the end result of asking "Why?" too many times...that answer being simply "I don't know."

In the end, when faced with the choice between pretending, and not knowing; not knowing is the closest to the truth of things.

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Respectfully I disagree, Christianity does not work that way. the only way anyone could suggest this is by having only a rudimentary understanding of how it works.

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The dogma behind Christianity is such. Like all religions people pick and choose what they want to follow and believe.

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Everybody should be an atheist... until someone can prove otherwise.

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Agnosticism is the belief that there is an absence of evidence to prove or disprove the existence of a god or gods.

Atheism is the belief in the non existence of a god or gods in the absence of any evidence to support this point of view.

When people say that they are atheists they probably mean that they are agnostic with a few exceptions.