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muslims actually stone people to death while christians pretend that their book doesn't say that.


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and what of the Jews, Afro tribal religions or Cowardly Atheists? https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=bjcHriTyQ6Q Atheist On Why He Doesn't Criticize Islam: 'Straight Up Fear' “I would never write the same kind of stuff that I do about certain religions as I would about Islam." https://www.truthrevolt.org/news/atheist-why-he-doesnt-criticize-islam-straight-fear


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I'm not sure if you intended to prove my point or not. As an atheist, I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by idiots. But now I'm curious, what do you call a christian that lives in a muslim country?


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They're all poisonous twaddle. With Islam there's an urgency because we aren't yet fully infected by it. There is an opportunity, real or imagined, to mitigate Islam. Christianity, we have full blown AIDS on that. You ever read Chuck Palahniuk? Christianity is periodontal disease.


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Other religion's followers are allowed to quit and thus make these other religions decline.

The following are forbidden by Islam:

  • Apostasy
  • Converting a Muslim
  • Dissent
  • Lacking a Y chromosome
  • Sex with masculine beings, unless goats

...and neurologically speaking, every mammal is cabled to interpret visual patterns as faces, thus making whatever they see as potential deities. So human may be driven to see things a Cartesian ways but will always be open to surnatural views (spirit cokking, lucky numbers, etc), unless they remain very careful.


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atheism is the default

Mmmmm no.

Humans are instinctively militaristic in a way that is exhibited by only a few other species (wolves and aquatic mammals mostly). By militaristic I mean that we are gregarious pack predators predisposed to spontaneous hierarchical social ordering and view other packs as rivals.

This natually leads to leader veneration when you add communication and collective memory.

Gods manifest in collective knowledge because we're not very good at communicating when the topic is ethics or metaphysics. Humans who truly grasp relativism are rare, but humans able to realize that they need some external rationale their view of how things ought be are common.

In the early man, god's power was manifest in the harshness of the world, and any leader able to navigate the perils that beset human societies must therefore be divine, have the mandate of heaven as the Chinese say. But eventually it became difficult to maintain the view that there is anything divine about any mortal leader, so we removed god from the immediate world and elevated it to another plain, to serve as simply a reservoir of moral absolutes. We feel things ought be one way, but we know are feelings alone aren't enough justification for ethics that claim to apply to all.

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is still not the default until

Which is the crux of the problem. How much of you is you, and how much of you is the product of environment and causality?

"Man can do what he wills, but he cannot will what he wills." -Arthur Schopenhauer

I would argue that virtually all of you is the product of causality and there is no present you without the past you traveled through to reach the present.

If we as a species are predisposed to generate a social field we exist within with traits such as admiration for authority and an external source of absolute morality to insulate our personal ethos from destruction by relativism (since everone deep down knows that solipists are idiots who just need a good asskicking), then the existence of organized religion would be a proof of that predisposition.

To put it another way, for you to be correct that agnosticism is the norm, organized religion would have to be rare.

But it isn't. Largely because people are dumb. In saying that agnosticism and curiousity are the norm you're being too generous in your assumptions about the intelligence of others, and not nearly pessimistic enough about their selfishness and visciousness.

"The best way to gain support for some good cause is to offer people the chance of maltreating someone." -Huxley

Your typical person doesn't need to feel that they know everything, with no loose ends. They just need to know that the world is right enough to sleep at night. That they are good and the wicked get what they deserve.

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islam allows

Of course it does.

Marketing 101: Sex sells.

Its why you don't see people rushing to join shaker churches.


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"Atheism is the default position of human beings before we are programmed otherwise"

is that why when you're in mortal terror you invariably and instinctively say "please god, please god, please god no..." try to think back to the last you got your HIV test results....ffffffaggot!


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You're an idiot.