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No fucking shit it was given as a curse in the sense it was given as a test and mankind failed thus making it a curse. Most of the actual suffering humanity brings is done by itself. God will punish groups for the actions of individuals. Don't like it? Tough shit, humanity lost that opportunity with original sin.

The child is raped because of humanitys free will. He's not some super hero to call upon whenever you have a problem. He's God.

If your society is wicked and corrupt then innocents will suffer. If society had actually followed the teachings and acted righteous as a group then that would not happen.

You can't blame God for a child being raped. Thats on the rapist.

It's not his job to stop bad things from happening. Whats the worst that'll happen? You die? If you lived a righteous life why would that matter in a religious sense?

Mankind does wicked things to one another because mankind is inherently wicked. They failed the test. Through good works you can become righteous and make up for your nature.

Thats the problem with you atheist faggots, these supposed "gotcha" things are really a misunderstanding of the concepts themselves. They think they do but they don't really.