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Yes, this is very clearly expelled in the texts. This life is a test. Free will itself, both a gift and burden. Free will is a test. And despite the fact your own ego and small human mind think this life is the "be all end all", it is very small in the bigger picture. Eternity looks pretty big compared to any temporal suffering in this mortal life on Earth. And who is it for any human to attempt to judge the order of someone who's canvas is space, and whose scope it time itself. How small.

You think God is evil because you posit your idea of moral order onto a being so far beyond you that you cannot comprehend it. "But I want God to be just like me!".


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You think this entire universe was made to test you for a reward of eternal life, yet I'm the one with the ego. Right.

I don't think god is evil. There is no god. The world makes far more sense when you realise this; then "evil" is something that simply happens because the universe is indifferent, no need for mysterious beyond understanding reasons, tests or rewards.

All the justice, all the goodness that will ever exist are the ones we make ourselves.


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Not just for me. I did not say this. There is no ruling out that we are the only life forms in the universe. The Bible did not say that it explicitly extolled the entire history of the entire universe comprehensively. It provided a simply poetic synopsis of creation of Earth and Man. Again, poetically, for a state of the evolution of human intelligence which was appropriate at that time (pre-science man). It is very likely there are many other forms of life in this universe.