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No we would blame him (if he existed) from not preventing damage caused to an innocent person in the name of this "free will" or for whatever "mysterious" reason.

I will extend you the courtesy of believing that if you could stop an innocent from being harmed, you would. Which makes you morally superior to god.


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Apparently if a cop stops a criminal instead of saying "go ahead and rob that bank, then I'll punish you afterwards" he's violating the criminal's free will.

"But this is earth not heaven"

Why the fuck does that matter? Does being in an alternate dimension negate morality?


[–] chirogonemd ago  (edited ago)

You were never promised the type of existence you are demanding. Its funny that people demand this from the creator. They didn't create, but they demand it. "Well if he has that power, he should use it like I'd use it."

Your morality is bound to your mortal existence and your very finite intelligence of the order of the universe and creation. Your view of the larger order is so truncated you could not possibly understand the why's of literally anything. To YOU, saving an innocent life seems obvious, because of your brain's empathic processes and because A SINGLE LIFE IS ALL YOU KNOW. Your own personal ego considers that life of the ultimate importance. But nowhere, at no point, did God commit to protecting all of his creation from harm. In fact, free will defies this. It opens the world up to the influence of evil, making each of us vulnerable to the actions of free will by someone who is evil.

The type of existence you speak of was not promised until the coming of the kingdom of Heaven. It hasn't. Your definition of an all powerful being only being moral - according to your human set of morals - if he prevents the harm of innocents is purely small and naive.

If you happened upon a maker of clay pots, and you witnessed that potter destroying one of his creations as it exited the kiln. He simply threw it into a corner with other broken pots, who would you be to tell him he was wrong? He is the creator. If he decided to create a pot only to destroy it, that would fall under his prerogative. If you were a pot, I'd imagine you'd find it horrible. But the greater order beneath the potter's pursuit of his vision would be beyond your grasp as well.

One of the difficult things of Christianity to reconcile with, and is a challenge for almost everyone I've ever met, is understanding this. For example, the pharoah was literally a human God created to destroy. Wrapping your head around this is difficult, because it defies this paternal idea we posit onto God, which must be the nurturing mother/father who holds us close and keeps us safe. That isn't God. Not even close. Life is suffering, and God has made that clear. Life is the test. The kingdom of Heaven is paradise.

Atheists seem to want to make arguments that Christian theology is wrong, and God doesn't exist, because Earth doesn't look like Heaven. Well, it amounts to a great big straw man. Get the theology right if you want to make an argument, is all I have to say. If you don't want to believe in God, fine. But don't assume a scenario God never promised, or that your idea of moral order could possibly replace that of a being which created the entire universe and whose scope of vision for that creation is time itself. Despite the fact your own ego and your mortality considers your single life of the greatest personal importance, you have to begin thinking bigger. That this single mortal life may be nothing in the big picture.


[–] ANGRY_Hippopotamus 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I'm demanding nothing. There no god to demand anything from. Just pointing the absurdity of a supposedly omnibenevolent being that can't or won't do what most of us supposedly flawed, mere mortals would do without question.

You may be willing to accept anything from this theoretical creator, including create the entire human race, knowing it would fail, and then proceed to drown it and go "whatever". Not me, I look at it and see the utter absurdity of such an idea. The world makes far more sense when you realise there is no god