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God is nature

This concept is not monotheistic at all. This is a polytheist mindset and is not comprehensible to any Jews or Muslims and most Christians. In fact, nature is below God, as God is "super-natural". Above and beyond nature. This also explains the Jews hatred for nature, as the more nature abounds, God must recede, for the two are competitive for attention. "God is a jealous God" and won't allow any of his subjects to even begin to appreciate nature as that distracts from worshipping Him.

I'm not disagreeing with you, just trying to point out the monotheistic mindset that pervades most things today.


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Well said. Perhaps it is better to say God is manifest in nature. I agree that saying, "God is nature", is not the whole picture, just a part.


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God being jealous is the dumbest fucking concept in the new Mudslim religions it's such an obvious sign all that shit is made up by stupid desert fucking Jews it's not even funny


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It's a sign that "Yahweh" is actually Satan and everything Yahweh says about Satan is actually more Jewish projection.

In the garden, God wants people to remain in ignorance, not knowing good vs evil. He wants blind, obedient followers. How can he not be Satan, imprisoning people in ignorance, making them double down on actions that create failure just because he expects "faith"?


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for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God

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If you wish to understand more clearly what I mean, read "On being a pagan" by Alain de Benoist.

The monotheistic mindset believes in ONE. This one is ultimate authority over every being below it. The hierarchy must be maintained or chaos ensues. God created the heavens and the earth from the VOID. It can be destroyed with no impact to God, his creation is not only entirely separate from him, it is other than him. His creation is everything he isn't. In a monotheist's eyes, to worship the creation in any way is worshipping something that God is not, and blasphemous.

Nature is not sentient to any understandable degree. It exists as a matrix of our reality.

Sentience has no bearing to what I meant about inherent laws. An example of natural law: "life must consume life to stay alive". That is a universal fact, as far as we've seen. It exists until disproven.

The old Testament and half of the new Testament is entirely monotheistic in it's mindset. Jesus however did bring in polytheistic concepts. Saying that the kingdom of heaven can exist on earth with man is blasphemous to old Testament thought. That is the equivalent of "bringing God down to man, lowering him". That is seen as prideful, as worship to God in monotheism is expressed through self degradation and flagellation to show how low you are, to exalt how great God is. Jesus, ultimately, was saying he was God come down as man, which is blasphemous.

There's so much more, especially since you bring up destruction, as the monotheist sees anything that is "other" as "pagan/demonic" and it it's destruction is not only warranted, but encouraged. This same mindset is what drives Marxists to destroy thoughts that are "other" from their own ideologies. "I am the only God, all other gods must be destroyed" is the mindset.

I'm aware I'm in v/atheism also. I'm using "god" as an ideology, system, concept, or idea. I mean to speak on large generalities and speaking on the highest points of each religious institution, looking at the biggest part of the picture and how they play out in society. So when I speak of Nature as God, I mean it more in the sense of Truth that cannot be disproven, rather than some ethereal spirit that is sentient and responsive. There is no need for a sentient being to control an apple falling to the ground, the rules were already in place, however the rules got there are irrelevant to me, the fact remains the rule is observable, replicable, and verifiable. Faith is the opposite end of this spectrum, the belief in something even though disproof of that thing exists.

You don't have to be a Christian or a Jew to be a monotheist. Atheists have a monotheistic mindset whenever they say are intolerant of other ideas. That's being intolerant of other "gods". It's a monotheistic behavior. See what I mean? Not trying to be very literal in the use of gods. More about behavior and mindset.

The monotheist loves: authority, law, ONE, infallible dogma that will be adhered to the death, they come from the desert and bring the desert (look at the temples, bland designs), faith (belief without evidence), intolerance of other gods/ideas (REEEE).

The polytheist loves: truth instead of authority (it matters "what" and "how", not "who"), doctrine that dies instead of you having to die for your beliefs, addition of more doesn't take away from what you already have, they come from the forest and bring the forest, reason (belief only because of evidence), tolerance of other gods (I don't agree with this idea, but I don't have to kill it either).

Finally, the monotheistic mindset has pervaded our entire culture. Our agriculture system is based on monotheistic principles, for example. We believe in growing one crop a certain way, anyone that says differently is a "quack" or "heretic". A pagan farms 3-10 crops, because the addition of more crops is beneficial to what you have. I could rant on other businesses and systems that function with this same monotheistic mindset too much, so I'll stop there. Look at permaculture farms if you're interested in why our agriculture system is both Jewish and destructive and will lead to famines if we don't change quickly.