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If pain and misery and struggle and being victimized as a child are what's required to 'develop character' under this thing, that says quite a bit about the intentions of the developer of that system.

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Got a Bible on the coffee table and shit type.

LOL- you know me too well. We have lots of Bibles around the house.


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You're 100%. Earnest people, sincere people, I think we need more of that. EVEN IF that is dysfunctional cunts like us. And the bible is not the most awful thing to take comfort from, I got zero hate for those folks. I know, in the cactus where a heart belongs, there is no loving god. Or for reasons i can't understand it turned its face from me as a child. Makes no difference. Any feelings I might have had about it got the scorched earth treatment from years of hard living and that's okay too. I respect the fuck out of Empress, and her choices are solid. She's another 100% nigga, always straight up.

And running in that building ain't a fucking virtue, its not even something you can control in moment. Ain't mad at that cop. He was tested, now he knows something about himself. No anger.

Antifa is the faggots who decided liberating animals wasn't worth the prison time, and they've morphed into this nest of faggotry and I'll smirk a little if they burn alive in a metal box. Not cause I'm angry, just cause fuck them. You know what the site was for antifa, which I helped with not a decade ago? It was called NO COMPROMISE. Now these clowns have literally made every possible compromise. Maybe it's the hypocrisy that's triggering, I dunno.

We got near 9 billion people wandering this rock right now. There's gonna be chaos, there's gonna be blood. Meh. ♡♡♡


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I can't pretend to know the intentions of a God that might have created this universe. What if that God force is not here at the moment? What if the power of that God force is limited? My point is that there are too many possibilities, and really no logical reason to conclude something hopeless. The best one can hope to conclude on this is "I don't know."


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I agree. My curiosity is for worshippers.