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Have to station him aboard a boomer.

Have to.

It'd be like *Beneath Planet of the Apes.

"You worship an unexploded nuclear bomb?"

"Yeah, but its mostly a christmas and easter thing."


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Why would an atheist want to be a chaplain?

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Why not?

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Cause chaplains are a religious position. Which kind of goes against the whole atheist thing.

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Hemant Mehta writes about the congressional letters on the Friendly Atheist website. "Just because atheism isn't a religion, per se, doesn't mean that non-religious soldiers don't have emotional needs. Depriving them of a chaplain who speaks their language hurts our military."

Isnt a religion per se? They either are or they are not. A chaplain is supposed to reassure a man with his legs blow off bleeding to death that his god will welcome him wether he is or is not religious. If the dying man is atheist and refuses at least the chaplain gave him the option. What is a atheist chaplain going to do? Explain to the dying religious man that his god is not real and the emotions he is feeling is the lack of blood and electrical impulses in his brain? That doesnt sound like the same language.

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Hope they succeed