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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=6-3X5hIFXYU While people are worried about anything under 18, many of which are able to drive cars, you've got islam who says 9 is A-OK, and they don't care about the law.

The age of marriage in the USA used to be 10 in the late 1800s. Anyone able to acquire a drivers license, bare minimum, is an adult in my eyes, but I think the whole 'protect the children' thing has gone well beyond sanity. Feminized society leading to our extermination.

I am sure someone is going to harp in with 'well this is why atheism is better and islam is bad', while that's nice and all, it's not going to change the fact that islamists are in every white nation on Earth having massive amounts of babies.

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Do I need to state that islam is worse than xtianity in every post I make ? Of course Islam is the worst religion of them all. This is v/atheism all religions are irrational and a safe harbor for pedos.

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Hah, I think the whole pedo obsession is a jewish commie effort to enable indoctrination of women into feminism, destroy family, and ultimately exterminate a nation. Feminism is gender communism.

Like I said, complain about islam all you want, but you are supporting the genocide of those who keep you alive and your inevitable extermination/conquering by islam. In 50-100 years, our laws won't matter without fierce changes now, they will radically out number us, than islamic law will be in place, all these laws do is stifle birth rate and promote feminism. You are literally saying you support communism with your view.

Attacking religion isn't going to solve this problem, unifying will. Birth rate is important, did you watch that video I linked to?

It doesn't matter if you make marrying 9 year olds illegal if there is nobody around to uphold the law.

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Maybe it's time to move to kentucky.