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and reminding them that God does not approve of the shedding of blood.

Laughing my ass off.

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Jesus was considered by Christians to be the Messiah, while for most Jews the death of Jesus would have been sufficient proof that he was not the Jewish Messiah. The fact that Jesus had been a Jew and Christianity emerged from Judaism played a pivotal role in the way Christians perceived Jews and Judaism. Because Jews didn't believe Jesus was the son of God and rejected Christian beliefs such as the Eucharist (the bread being the body of Jesus and the wine being his blood), this provided an existential dilemma within Christianity. If Christianity had come from Judaism and Jesus was a Jew, how and why did the Jews reject such core elements of Christianity? The most widely held explanation was that Jews had been the chosen people but broke the covenant with God and therefore bore the mark of Cain, and were condemned to spend the rest of eternity suffering on earth, a symbol of degradation and sub-humanity. It was because of this belief that many Medieval European rulers protected the Jews, but considered them property of the king.

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The first bull was issued in about 1120 by Calixtus II and was intended to protect Jews. It was prompted by the First Crusade, during which over five thousand Jews were slaughtered in Europe. The words sicut Judaeis ("and thus to the Jews") were first used by Pope Gregory I (590-604) in a letter addressed to the Bishop of Naples. Even then the Pope emphasized that Jews were entitled to "enjoy their lawful liberty."


The bull was reaffirmed by many popes including Alexander III, Celestine III (1191-1198), Innocent III (1199), Honorius III (1216), Gregory IX (1235), Innocent IV (1246), Alexander IV (1255), Urban IV (1262), Gregory X (1272 & 1274), Nicholas III, Martin IV (1281), Honorius IV (1285-1287), Nicholas IV (1288-92), Clement VI (1348), Urban V (1365), Boniface IX (1389), Martin V (1422), and Nicholas V (1447).


The bull forbade Christians, on pain of excommunication, from forcing Jews to convert, from harming them, from taking their property, from disturbing the celebration of their festivals, and from interfering with their cemeteries.

The Jews could never have gotten into the positions they hold today IF NOT FOR CHRISTIANITY

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Because they learned how to weasel into the woodwork just enough to stay hidden until the heat was off them wherever they were then came out again when it was ok. You notice that when it was illegal for them to be jewish in public they woukd convert... but when it came to places where they were getting houses searched and called out for fake conversion bang theyre fucking gone in an instant?

The modern ones just have shorter attention spans. In any anti white social media thread you can spot them a mile off and count on your hands from the moment they 'we need to' until they slip up and 'no YOU need to, im actuslly jewish'

Whenever religious faggotry gets you down whether it be from jew muslim.or christian... just be happy in the fact you recognise all three are schisms of the same roman cult and at least two of them have to be wrong.