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Didn't really need a study for this conclusion.

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Duh one uses complex thought and reasoning and the other reads a single book and declares it truth. I'm all for spirituality, and religion to ones own god. But to pray in a group church when Jesus said prayer is between you and god. He'd be throwing tables over if he existed. Muslim, Judaism, Christianity and Catholicism, all abrahamic religions. If I had a god he was pagen and crosses and our culture were co-opted into puritan religions for control

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12 cognitive tasks that measured planning, reasoning, attention and memory.

These are the intellectual facets of intelligence. This test, like AI, lacks emotion. Which is a (if not the) key factor for intelligence.

All this study says to me is that Atheists are more like robots than religious people are. Congratulations. You're advanced AI.

Turing test for Atheists, when?

c&p from previous comment I made to someone else

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Being that atheism is a rational position as opposed to emotional position you should expect to see many intelligent atheists. However not everyone believes rationality is the most important aspect of a person's character so you will see many intelligent religious people too. Furthermore it doesn't really require any intelligence to be an atheist, so you'll see a shitload of really dumb atheists as well as really dumb religious people.

Not a particularly overwhelming study, some of the stupidest shit I've ever seen occurred in the atheist community. Not least of which was the wholesale takeover by third wave feminists. You're going to release a study telling me third wave feminists are intelligent people, because I won't believe that one.

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Religious people are excluded from professions which require a combination of high IQ and low morality, like lawyers. Without low morality, a high IQ is a waste of resources and is selected against. After the fact, atheists imagine their position to be a consequence of high IQ in the first place, rather than low morality. They confuse cause and effect.

Note that this rational explanation never seems to be suggested in any of these "social science" studies.

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The study cited does not backup that headline.

From the research article discussion section: "An interesting conclusion from this study is that the basis of the religiosity effect should be conceived of as a cognitive-behavioral bias, rather than impaired general intelligence. "

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...but the religious are happier and more confident about the future.

I personally wish I were but then, I'd have to find a faith that'd reflect my views... Shintoism?

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What do you find disagreeable in Christianity?

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I am raised catholic and got many doubts when I asked a religious figure how Mary went.

The person told me that it was decided in the XIXth Century that she just went up in the sky, like Jesus.

Also, the transubstantiation thing where it IS Jesus that they put in yout mouth during the communion, not just a mix of salt, water and flour... I heard I could be protestant with my beliefs.

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Neck beardism hahah

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https://archive.fo/X37ch :

Atheists are more intelligent than religious people, finds study | The Independent

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This is a bogus study.

In order for something to be intelligent it has to have emotions.
This test only measures intellect.

each person had to complete a 30-minute set of 12 cognitive tasks that measured planning, reasoning, attention and memory.

Intellect vs intelligence

Intellect is often considered to be a branch of intelligence reflecting mainly its logical and rational side. Because of the lack of emotional and sensitive engagement, intellect is sometimes considered to be strictly limited to facts and not going beyond mere raw knowledge. However, intellect can carry a high level of complexity and thus avoid linear and formal logic patterns by referring to such mental processes as, for example, fuzzy logic and dialectical logic.

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