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Only american idiots believe in kike bible bullshit. Have you ever been in Europe?

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So very few people actually understand science that I'm going to take a moment to point out why I like this headline.

See, the poll didn't find that no Icelanders believe in the story - it found that 0% of the respondents believe in the creation story. That's not a distinction without difference. In fact, it's a very important distinction to make, more so in this day and age where scientific literacy is so poor.

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I keep on hearing science versus religion but Atheist != Science. Most Atheists I know, don't even have a clue about science. And they don't care about science, it is not part why they are atheists.

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Science doesn't have an opinion about deities. Science demands falsifiability and, as such, a deity is inherently unfalsifiable.

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This is all going to be over very soon anyway, sadly. Atheists (along with most of the rest of the world) will not know what hit them.

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The atheist crusade continues