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The tolerant left

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In their defense if they even deserve it. They are in such a incredible echo chamber, even if they did leave it they would be deaf to reason for a long time. It is startling that one can reject religion and not see the same similarities in their own political ideas.

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I can't believe I used to like that place.

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To be fair, it probably wasn't that place when you liked it.

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It hasn't been that place since /u/jij stole it from the previous owner.

(the reddit jij)

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Watching the downfall of Reddit is like watching an old friend die slowly of cancer. I'm old-guard. It's been a long and painful journey. At this point, Reddit is like "Weekend at Bernie's".

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1 year into the Trump presidency: "this is How Bernie Sanders can still win!"

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I was just trying to make conversation, rofl conversation on reddit

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Well, most atheists are liberals. Atheism is both morally and logically flawed, as is leftism. What do you expect?


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Yes, let's trust a religious "research" website with their take on the non-religious. Makes about as much sense as trusting centuries-old fiction for guidance in the modern age.

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What? Are you kidding? Pew is not at all a religious based website.

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Atheism is both morally and logically flawed

Coming from someone who lives their life by 2000 year old Jewish propaganda. Which includes phrases such as

"Take your enemies wives and children and stone them to death"

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If my father dies rich, I get to keep his money, right?