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I'm unconvinced that this study actually means anything. The survey questions people on beliefs based on the label they use. For-instance, "Protestants teach salvation through faith alone," only 19% or protestants got that right. So either a majority of protestants don't know what their religion teaches or a majority of protestants are being misidentified as such.

To my religious friends: Why do need to be told what to believe? Why would you let your religion define you? and Why would you accept a religion before you fully understand what it means?


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To the last question: for the same reason that people sometimes accept a lot of things that their parents tell them is "true".

I am a Christian and I see a lot of these people in the church. Some have apparently never questioned anything. Some have actually never really repented and fully accepted Christ yet go to church because it is what family does, makes them feels good, etc. Some have examined themselves and are true Christians. Only God knows the true church, which is made up of people instead of buildings, however it is not usually too difficult to determine who is actually born again (the requirement for salvation) once one knows the signs to look for.

Somewhere, the truth is written on all of our hearts. I had no experience in the church or knowledge of what it meant to be a Christian, but since Jesus saved me I know. Jesus died to save us from religiosity and gave us grace. There is no need for any "religious" practice to go to heaven. Just a humbling before God, realization of our sinfulness, and an open, working relationship with Him. We are broken, but we were made in His image and He knows us, loves us, and can relate to us, for He was one of us in Jesus. It is a living, breathing, 24/7 relationship.


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Only God knows the true church, which is made up of people instead of buildings

Then why do you need a pastor or a clergyman of any sort? If only god knows which people are allowed into heaven, then why listen to a guy that may not be?

Somewhere, the truth is written on all of our hearts.

I've seen open heart surgery and it is not. I know you're speaking figuratively, but why do you need a book, a pastor, a building, or a label, if we should already know it?

What did jesus really save you from? Being religious?

we were made in His image

Now this really confuses me. How can we all be made in his image when we all don't look alike. Why don't we all look exactly like jesus?

By all means have a relationship with him. I'd be much happier if people believed their conscience more than their pastor or holy book.


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