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Every time Jews are successful the Jews media and journalist make sure to point out there Jewish background, but every time Jews do something bad the Jews media and journalist write "we have a white problem" "The problem with white men" etc

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"Schrodinger's Jew"

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i never hear about jews in germany, neither positively nor negatively except when nazis do something or something happens in israel.

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That's because crackers lie through their yellow, cavity-riddled teeth every time they open their mouths. Heterosexuality is rape: https://eji.org/history-racial-injustice-sexual-exploitation-black-women

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What's a cracker?

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Hey, kill your self kike ass niggerfaggot. You're literally the 3 things I hate most tied into one. Jew, Nigger, fag. What a combo

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These predator kikes did not grow up in an environment that most white people would recognize as one that teaches morality. Jews are terribly adrift, morally. They don't understand "right" and "wrong." None of these jews who have raped and molested are sorry they did it, they are sorry they got outed. Bottom line, jews have a set of rules for themselves and a set of rules for everyone else. Non-jews can be attacked, ripped off, raped, whatever--whatever the jew thinks he can get away with.

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Being jewish is white equivalent of saying it was just business as you fuck some one over.. Imagine if all white people acted like that all the time.. Fuck people over and always blame it on being business. No mother fuckers being a good person extends to business as well but some cock sucker, probabky a jew started this shit where anything is fair in business as long as you make money.. But jews are like that in every aspect of their lives.

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They see fucking over the goyim as a religious mandate

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This description sounds like niggers too.

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It should be the hottest story on all media. There is an obvious problem amongst jews. Its the same way they hide black crime

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There are no options other than to purchases media companies and kick them out. I doubt everyone on Voat together has enough money to do that. Money talks. The rest of us get ignored as we don't control Hypno-Toad.

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White women are lying cunts. Innocent men of all races have lost their lives to these bitches.


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Actually, that is wrong. It is not banned because of Jew mods, but because they spammed domains. Check out the domain ban policy on voat. They are cucks anyway, they actually take Q Anon seriously. lol.

I used to post them, but one day they were banned from submitting, thought that was odd, I can see why ppl jump to teh ol jewish tricks, but they are steadfastly anti-muslim, not anti-jew. Totally discredited in my opinion because of this article> http://archive.fo/1poTf

They still think Muslims were responsible for 9/11, totally absolving ((them)) of all blame or even suspicion. Not to mention all the pro-christian/church sentiments....

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That's because Muslims ARE responsible for 9/11. And the bombing of the gay bar in Orlando. Islam is goyism and goyism is racism.

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They MAY have flown a plane, but it was fucking CIA and MOSSAD that pull the strings and laid the bombs.

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The World needs to find out ,. At a rather high rate of speed,. That the Joozians are not the chosen ones . They act more like a virus or a curse of Earth.

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You call Jews Nazis yet real Nazis you have no problem with.

This is an anti-male witch hunt, pure and simple. Or should I say warlock hunt.

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Shiksa, means 'White Whore" - Talk with a jew/ess , they know what they're saying and what the attitude is. Bizarre that we allow such racial supremacists from one bunch, but PANIC when others do it (ie: white whores).

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I got in an argument with a Jew on YouTube (big mistake, I know) about the JQ. I was arguing that the question can be asked and discussed without going into "bigot" territory, and that no question in any free society should ever be barred from being asked. I argued that shutting down discussion only makes anti-semitism grow because it makes it look like there is something to hide.

His literal response was how "his people" had been persecuted throughout history and so just asking the question could cause another holocaust. He also claimed that Jews face overwhelming prejudice in engineering.

I asked him to back up his claim re: engineering and he admitted he couldn't. I also argued that "muh persecution" is bullshit, that nearly every "people" have faced persecution at one time or another in history, so get the fuck over it. Which caused him to double down on "muh persecution", so I brought up the genocide currently happening in South Africa and to the Coptic Christians in the ME, to which he tried to explain how "that's different from ethnic cleansing".

There's no fucking winning with these people. Seriously. The discussion never got uncivil, but the way they wield the victimhood like a weapon is just ridiculous. And most people fall for it.

He also tried the "not all Jews are like that" bit.

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Oy Vey OP, what are you some kind of anti-semite?

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