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Atheism was peaking before I realised that some massive number of atheists are sjws and feminists. That's when it became clear to me, being smart enough to figure out gods aren't real is a very low bar. Atheists think they're goddamn geniuses for figuring it out. Basic.

This problem was highlighted further when it became clear how many atheists were willing to defend Islam. Massive numbers of them. Hideous numbers of atheists don't have any spine.

You want to talk about atheism peaking, dial it back about 10 years.

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I agree with you that atheism itself is a fairly low bar. Just because someone is an atheist does not mean the person is going to be rational, skeptical, and so on. At the same time, atheism doesn't have anything to do with feminism, liberalism, or defending Islam. Some atheists are feminist, liberal, Islam defenders; some are not. I think that the problem we ran into was more about tribalism than it was about atheism.

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Why does it feel like, to me, that atheism was ground zero for this stuff. It seems like I never saw any of these things come up before elevator gate which fractured the movement and it has been going on ever since throughout western society.

Was I just not paying attention to it before?

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I hope so

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A ton of it was manufactured for google page placement.