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im ok with this

enter the country, see the religion

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oke thanks

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What on earth does this have to do with atheism? Why not post it in v/religion?

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It illustrates how the separation of church and state fails in Germany, and forces religion on those who want no part of it - a topic traditionally of interest to atheists. It could also have been an atheist boy, after all.

I wouldn't care if the school were a privately or church-funded patrochial school - you pay for it, you call the shots, and if you don't like it you are free to pick a different school. This however is a public school funded by the tax payer, and it shouldn't be enabled to force its religion down the throat of attendees.

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It also can't force atheism down anyone's throat.

Separation of church and state is a religious and political argument, not one that has to do anything with atheism. The same arguments could be used if you substituted "atheist" for either "Catholic" or "Muslim".

Regardless of OP's beliefs, this post belongs in a different forum. v/politics or v/religion would likely be best.