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What "values"?

America was founded by DEISTS (They believed that God created the universe, but had no influence over it afterwards [Read: Luciferean Satanists as the Satanist motto is DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW. They were mostly Illuminati-connected Freemasons, after all...])

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Atheists cant handle they destroyed the single rallying banner of the white race, admitting so would be to carry quite the heavy burden, it all started with them, atheists, destruction of the institution of family, feminists, welfare, epidemy of faggots, trans, and now mgtows.

Religion may be full of shit, but its god damn cohesive, it had family values, mudslimes look for each other, these atheists dont care for shit, scrawny little shits hanged themselves.

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