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I once heard that the meaning of life is to give life meaning

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What makes you think it has a point? Something an intelligence made has a point. Life simply is.


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Data collection:

One form is genetic code, refining itself to improve the specimen to gain better information and continuously pass the information along.

Another form is Quantum physics and the double slit experiment

The act of storing data changes the outcome of the path of electrons on a quantum level. Not just gathering the information on a machine but actually viewing this data and acknowledging the data IIRC

Fascinating stuff and i'm only getting started looking into it for myself.

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This is some very interesting stuff!

God bless you

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LIfe is what you make of it, mate.

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How could all of these be right?

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You are free to answer the question however you wish but you should not assume you get another.

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That's up to you.

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Procreate, have fun, and help others. If you can't do any of these please go kill yourself.