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  1. Christian doctrine teaches you receive salvation through Christ, not "after you die"

  2. Christianity is not just a religion of white people....it started in the Middle East, and actually Mexico and China have more Christians than Europe and the US

  3. SJW steems from communism which hates religion. In the USSR Christians were persecuted. I have friends who escaped via Ronald Regan's refugee program to save Christians

  4. Not sure where you get the whole "guilt" thing. The entire purpose of Christianity is to be free of guilt and lead as much of a blameless life as possible

  5. The Bible Belt has some of the strongest favorability ratings for Trump since he launched his election. Trump's entire platform is against SJW's

So your analogy doesn't hold up


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Holy shit, I posted this in Atheism so I wouldn't have to debate with a rabid christian, haha.

  1. Until you die you're still a filthy sin-ridden human, depending on your psychological state you may or may not qualify for salvation at any given point. Death seals the deal.

  2. Not just a religion of white people, but predominantly a religion of white people. White people seem to love the guilt it offers them.

  3. Irrelevant

  4. Why lead a blameless life when you are free from guilt? More christian cognitive dissonance.

  5. True, which is why it's intriguing that the SJW are falling victim to the same psychological trap as christians.


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  1. Nope not at all. You can be an aiethest all you want, just don't shit on a religion if you don't have the basics of it down

To me aithests and SJW's have more in common. Afterall....aithests were demanding the removal of statues they didn't agree with long before last week.