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Things Christianity teaches that I'm totally not ok with:

  • Accept your life even if it sucks and don't bother changing it, real life happens after death.
  • Love everyone, even if they hate you and want you dead.
  • Rational thought is evil.
  • Sex is evil.
  • Liberty is evil.
  • Everyone is doomed to suffer. No, everyone deserves to suffer. No, everyone should be grateful of suffering.

A religion of slaves. Nope, I'd rather teach children Stoicism.

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The new testament says very little of any of this. I think you are trying to interpret this to suit your personal desired outcome.

May God bless you.

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As a Christian, you'll be accepting the Old Testament as well as the new.

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You should read after the 4 Gospels, especially what S.Paul says to christian communities around the Mediterranean sea.

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Lavey Satanism is satisfying and fairly wholesome, as silly as that sounds.

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  • Real life does happen after death; but we should be focusing on evangelizing during this life. There is nothing that is more important.
  • Love everyone even if they hate you, yes. But, this does not mean you have to be a victim.
  • Rational thought is not evil.
  • Sex within God's design is beautiful.
  • ?
  • We do deserve to suffer. We are a fallen people. We are given a way out....

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yeah exactly, in all probability god is a douche bag if he exists, but that golden rule is the most-appealing part in there from the new testament, very constructive, should be used as a beacon for humanity no doubt, Brother.

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If you are an Atheist, you can pretend any religion you want even ones that you invent.

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I don;t think we should call ourselves christians.

There are many traditions that are out of place on our days, indoctrination, etc.

However, it is impossible to dismiss the role some christian values have had in the forming of western civilization. So not everything deserves to be dismissed.

I would say that would be a better idea to take the good ideas and keep teaching them to our kids and ourselves, recognizing the role Christianity had at some point, while we aim at higher expectations for ourselves in the future.

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All the stuff Jesus himself said, great wisdom. I would definitely recommend him. Just don't listen to the stuff written by Paul or Moses or any of the others. We have to remember, Jesus didn't write anything down. For decades after he died all they had was a list of his saying (refered to the q-source or "quote source"). The oldest book of the New Testiment is The Gospel of Mark and it's form arround 60 years after the death of Jesus. What the fuck is Paul doing in the Bible if Jesus was a perfect being? Did Jesus forget to tell us something? Paul the Apostle is a fraud. People that study the original manuscripts say that the book of Acts was written by the same person that wrote most of the epistles. Paul wrote himself in to the Bible.

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Well, I think that is part of the problem, should we take the bible as a literal book that is historically acurate?

I don't think so.

Recently I have been looking at Jordan Peterson lectures from a psychological perspective of the bible interpretation, and has made me shift on some of my previous ideas since his arguments are quite strong.

In that sense, I don't see the bible that represents historic facts, and I distrust a lot of it since it has been heavily manipulated and edited due political reasons.

However, looking at the bible and some of its stories as archetypes shift a lot of its weight and put in place to consideration some concepts like sacrifice, duty, responsibility and god as the representation of logos or knowledge and truth.

In that sense I found common ground, because I think of god or gods not as an physical entity but a concept that is materialized from human mind to represent the the nature of human kind and idealizes human qualities and defects, so god comes to be love, or punishment, or knowledge depending on the person, and it is an absolute essence in that sense, a state human aims to achieve.

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This is generally how I feel but it ignores that we need the low IQ/ shallow thinkers on the same page if we are going to exist as a people. How do you plan to corral everyone (or atleast a majority) using this 120+ IQ style of thought?

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I don't plan anyone to follow me, my thoughts are mine, I share them and people will decide.

Thoughts evolve, even if it slowly, in many senses we are so far more advanced that the primitive human organizations, and that is because as a whole sooner or later we embrace new ways of see things and new knowledge.

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God does exist. He only deals with important people but hears all. He was nice enough to make us in his image. We even have his brains. He is linked to all of us. He can't control free will. He enjoys watching our free will. He will end it if he no longer enjoys watching us. He has unlimited potential to influence anything he wants as does free will. He is a jealous god. He is an imperfect god who is perfect. He simply wants us to follow the 10 commandments. The rest of it is influence of others through selfish motives.He knows as he sees. Things can change and he instantly sees the changes as he is the keeper of time. Religion is necessary for the weak minded. He knows.

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If you want to, go right ahead. I'm content to keep on saying fuck religion, I don't need it or want it. I'll base my behavior on what works best for me and mine, and if that lines up with certain religious teachings well whoopdie fuckin' do. I still ain't bending knee to the same asshole that thought giving brain tumors to kids was a grand idea.

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Hasn't been a whole lot of Christian terrorists in the past 100 years. I think Christianity is a good idea.

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True but being docile/ non confrontational isn't always conducive to reproduction... Hence the white genocide issue.

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Turn the other cheek is a defensive fighting move from the era. Jesus was all about defending yourself. He just didn't defend himself because he was a shit test for the Jews, who failed it.

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Die at peace, Die unto the Void, Die in fear, Die without knowing it (bullet to skull)... It all leads to the same place....

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