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They told me I was Lutheran, but I parroted the nonsense just to avoid getting yelled at.

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Pretty much the same over at UCC.

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Not atheist here. God does exist. He only deals with important people but hears all. He was nice enough to make us in his image. We even have his brains. He is linked to all of us. He can't control free will. He enjoys watching our free will. He will end it if he no longer enjoys watching us. He has unlimited potential to influence anything he wants as does free will. He is a jealous god. He is an imperfect god who is perfect. He simply wants us to follow the 10 commandments. The rest of it is influence of others through selfish motives.He knows as he sees. Things can change and he instantly sees the changes as he is the keeper of time. Religion is necessary for the weak minded. He knows.

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I have been an atheist since my birth.

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Parents were somewhat into folk religion. Dad's actually a free-thinker and just goes along with mom who believes there is(are) benevolent god(s) and all religions teaches people to do good. However they did not raise us with any religious/theistic teachings. When friends invited me to after school chapel when I was a kid, my mom actually advised me to hold off on any religions til I get married and just follow whatever my husband's religion will be haha. So, I've always been agnostic and now increasingly anti-theistic.

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Raised Lutheran.

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I have never believed in religion. Was forced into Torah Academy, Madrasa and CCD when younger. I have read the all versions of Bible, Quran, and Torah in English, Hebrew and Arabic. I enjoyed them and found them entertaining. I am not atheist. Everyone should read these but, without biased instructions on how you are supposed to interpret them. Great Fiction

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Raised Catholic.

Then, after some searching, I raised my glass to Thor.

Now I just muddle through life increasing my general awesomeness to levels that shouldn't be possible for a mortal.

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I was raised to be a baptist, but I argued about how it was all nonsense for as long as I can remember (at least age 8). Grandparents followed that whacko benny hinn, and were the people who constantly bought "as seen on TV" crap.

Recently they built a toll road right through their house...I was so happy when they tore that shit down. Grandfather ended up touching my niece inappropriately about 4 years ago and his stupid god didn't save him from getting beat to death in prison.