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I'm perfectly fine with criticizing people's race. Not all races are equal, a quick look at history will show you that.

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There's too much natural variation in race to draw sweeping generalizations. Too many false positives.

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There is enough of a trend to generalize. And so it is reasonable to have prejudice. Intelligent people are willing to look past their generalization on an individual basis.

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With that said, the fact that the left conflates being redpilled on blacks with being redpilled on a religion speaks volumes about the crime rate and rape rate of that religion. The left doesn't do this for Yezidis, Yarsanis, Zoroastrians, Hindus or Taoists. Those groups aren't on a crusade against whites.

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It's sad that a comedian is more enlightened that the general population

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Well Rowan Atkinson has the degree of MSc in Electrical Engineering from The Queen's College, Oxford, so he isn't just a comedian.

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As I recall, his daughter is super hot too.

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I know from experience that a lot of highly educated people are incredibly stupid when it comes to these things, likely because the universities are dominated by leftists.

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Jesters have always been the few that are allowed to tell the truth. History has said they were the only one that could call out royalty on their bs. Just goes to show if you can be a funny asshole you can be an asshole.

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Same with gender-wars stuff. Look at Chris Rock, Patrice O'Neal or Bill Burr's standup bits. TRP and MGTOW talking points--but argued intelligently, and the audience laughs in agreement.

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True, good point.

That is until they went too far or got boring... then they'd get killed or replaced.

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Happens a lot these days

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Race is not a thing now?

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Religion & culture have a lot more to do with the values & behavior of a person than simple DNA.

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Right about religion. Wrong about race.

Niggers as a group have accomplished nothing and destroy everywhere they go.

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it was a nigger who discovered how to pollinate vanilla plants, its culture not race, white people arent born superior, they earn it.

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There are going to be outliers in any group. There is also the phenomenon of regression to the mean. Overall, it is better for everyone if whites and the mud races live separately because the mud races can only contaminate the White gene pool.

It is very clear that whites as a race are smarter and more disciplined than blacks as a race. This fact is to some extent irrelevant because regardless of which group is more intelligent, humanity needs to maintain its diversity and the only way to maintain diversity is by avoiding miscegenation. The mud races already have their own countries. It is time for Whites to set some limits.

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I can live without vanilla plants and peanut butter.

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West Africans are born superior at running speed due to higher averages of fast twitch muscles and having good height helps as well. They also do the best at things that benefit from extroversion.

IQ, impulse control, and all raw personality traits are primarily based in genetics, and the averages are different for each race. If the races are different, then one race will be better at this or that and another race will be better at whatever they're good at. It's intelligence (classified and correlated with the openness personality trait) and conscientiousness that tend to produce the best results in modern society for the highest percentage of people. A small portion of people make a living by running fast or doing other athletic things and a small portion can survive as musicians.

Culture is ultimately determined by race, by the average personality characteristics of people. Nowhere do you see European culture being produced by non-Europeans. When Africans live in European societies, most of them cluster together and produce their own African culture that is mostly opposed to the main culture.

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Wow. From the mouths of babes and beans comes wisdom in always trying to articulate.

Good post

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Alright, try criticizing Jewish control over the media and banking institutions, see what happens.

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A comedian with a brain.

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Ungh. This guy used to represent all things British when I was growing up. He bridged the gap between Britbongs and us Amerifats. Now I look at the UK and all I see representing them are child molesters and sand niggers.

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Likewise for America under Bill Clinton. If that represents America, I want to burn a flag and say "fuck America."

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A jew represented all thing British to you? WTF?

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The show was innocent, harmless and all around good British humor and was appealing to a kid my age. So yes, even if he is a kike, he didn't go around shoving interracial horseshit in our faces or the general jewery that comes with modern television and movies.

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